Sarah Salinas

I'm a Human Design reader based in Texas. I have a 5 year background within the system. I started The HD Bee back in January 2019 on Instagram as a way to share what I was learning at the time and offered private readings. Since then I've transitioned from "reader" to "teacher" and am now focusing on teaching the system from my perspective.

My reach is worldwide, so it's important to me to make it as English and digestible as possible. I'm also a psychic/medium + tarot reader and have been studying the more spiritual world since 2016. I love to combine Human Design with spirituality and provide my clients with a better understanding of themselves via the system but also connect with them on a soul level.

It's one thing to know the system but it's another to integrate it and (re)connect back to yourself and heal the parts that were either shut down during childhood or where you may experience shame or guilt. Human Design highlights your gifts, talents, strengths and areas of vulnerability as well as your relationship, work and learning style.